Sidewalk Repair Program

Program Details

In order to promote safety in Canton neighborhoods, and improve the appearance of the community, Canton has adopted a sidewalk ordinance and program. Each year, Canton's Engineering Services Division will target a specific zone within the Township. If your residential or commercial property falls within that zone, you will be responsible for any sidewalk that falls within the public right-of-way. To see if your property falls into this year's zone, click on the Sidewalk Program map in the Program Documents below.

Sidewalks are inspected in designated zones on an annual basis in order to determine if any portion of the sidewalk is in need of replacement. If, after inspection, the township determines that a homeowner or commercial business owner's sidewalk is in need of repair, they will be notified accordingly.

Canton's Utility Inspector will place "Green Dots" denoting resident/business owner responsibility and "Red Dots" denoting Township responsibility for all sidewalk repairs. All subdivision ramps in need of repair will be replaced to meet the guidelines set by the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

After inspections have been completed, a Public Hearing for Necessity of Repairs is scheduled. The Public Hearing is typically held in March of each year. Notification letters are mailed with the time, date and location of the Public Hearing. The letters also include an estimated quantity and cost of the sidewalk to be repaired. After the hearing, homeowners/business owners have 60 days to complete repairs. Options for sidewalk repair are provided in the notification letters. Typically the Township will begin repairs with our contractor in June of each year.

Sidewalk repair construction is anticipated to begin after Memorial Day and be completed by the end of July. Invoices for repair work will be mailed in the Fall / Winter. For more information, please call Canton's Engineering Services Division at 734/394-5150 or click here to view a list of frequently asked questions.

Visit a map of the Sidewalk Repair Program.

Program Documents