The Teaching, Educating and Mentoring (TEAM) program strives to make schools and communities safer, promote an understanding of relevant laws, explore the consequences of unlawful behavior, and become aware of citizen responsibilities.

The TEAM program is taught by Canton Police officers who are empowered to adapt lessons to fit the needs of the students. Relevance and current issues are stressed in the 45-minute lessons. The program runs 5 to 8 weeks each semester and reaches students throughout the elementary and middle school levels in Canton. Lesson plans can include lessons such on topic such as: using the 911 system, gun safety, drug abuse issues, social media and personal safety.

The program also strives to make schools and communities safer and to promote understanding of relevant laws, consequences of unlawful behavior and citizen responsibilities. Students learn the necessity of laws in maintaining an orderly society and the roles police and the courts play in that process.

For more information regarding the TEAM program, contact the Canton Police Department at 734/394-5400.