Road Construction Update

2020 Road Projects:


PLEASE NOTE:  These are Wayne County projects.  Any and all information will be published as soon as the County makes it available.  These projects are subject to change and all questions should be directed to the county by calling 313/224-7600.

1. Cherry Hill Road Phase 1: (Canton Center to east of Lilley Road) 1.74 miles of widen and HMA Resurfacing of Existing Pavement.  Tentatively scheduled to begin this year.

2. Cherry Hill Road Phase 2: (east of Lilley Road to east of Haggerty Road) widen and HMA Resurfacing.  In additon, Haggerty Road 600’ north and Cherry Hill Road 400’ south will also be widened and resurfaced.  Tentatively scheduled to begin this year and finished in 2021.

3. Ridge Road: (N. of Ford Road to Warren Road) 1.0 mile of HMA Paving of existing gravel Road.  This joint project between Wayne County and Canton is anticipated to begin this Spring.


1. Traffic Signal at Michigan Avenue and Beck: Date to be determined by MDOT.


See a complete list of 2020 projects.