I need a copy of a paid receipt. Where can I get one?

We mail you a copy of your tax bill in July and December. Please file for future referral. * If you’re paying through the mail please enclose the ENTIRE bill with your payment along with a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE for a receipt. *If you’re paying in person, bring the ENTIRE BILL with you, and we will stamp and return the bottom of the bill to you. *If you pay your taxes through your mortgage escrow account, you may look up your tax information for FREE at: https://www.bsaonline.com/?uid=684

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1. When are my taxes due?
2. Does Canton accept credit cards for tax payments?
3. I need a copy of a paid receipt. Where can I get one?
4. Who receives the funds from my tax bill?
5. What do the terms "Assessed Value," "State Equalized Value" and "Taxable Value" mean on my Notice of Assessment?
6. How does the assessor determine my assessed value?
7. What determines the taxable value?
8. Property values in my neighborhood have been decreasing. Will my property valuation be decreasing as well?
9. Does that mean I’ll pay more property taxes instead of less?
10. Why won’t my taxes decrease if my property value is going down?
11. Will my taxes ever go down?
12. What are some of the disadvantages about the Proposal A legislation?
13. What is a principal residence exemption?
14. Can I contest my assessed value and taxable value?
15. How can I estimate my taxes from the assessment change notice?